Education Benefits for Veterans and Dependents

We’re extraordinarily proud of our service men and women, and of the sacrifices they and their families make for our country. We consider it a great honor to be in a position to help Veterans transition into successful civilian careers and assist members of their families as they pursue their rewarding futures.

“One thing I particularly loved about serving our country was my sense of commitment and family. When I came to Valley the staff believed in me more than I believed in myself. I was able to find that same sense of family that I had been missing. The day I completed the Medical Clinical Assistant Program was a happy day, but it was a sad day leaving my Valley family. Valley College has been the only place on the civilian side of life, that I get the same sense of family and teamwork. ” – Jessica Snyder

Additional Resources:

  • Community Veterans Engagement Board: The Four State CVEB (Community Veterans Engagement Board) unites Veteran advocates around a common mission to improve outcomes for Veterans within the community. It is led by local community leaders whose ultimate passion is to impact positive change in the lives of our Veterans. The goal is to instill a tremendous sense of pride through community and Veterans engagement. The CVEB is open to Veterans, Service members, advocates, service providers, and organizations. The public forums are open to the public, including everyone in the Veteran-communities.
  • Veterans Upward Bound of West Virginia: Veterans Upward Bound is a United States Department of Education TRiO Program dedicated to helping Veterans of the U.S. Military take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. VUB provides services and materials (at no cost to program participants) for the purpose of facilitating enrollment into and successful completion of studies at institutions of higher learning.

    • Contact: Danielle Clum; 518-763-3363

For information on graduation rates, student debt levels, and other disclosures, visit our Consumer Information for Veterans page.