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Priscilla D.

Valley College Priscilla DorseyI started at Valley College on February 17, 2012. I graduated as a Medical Office Assistant (MOA), but that wasn’t enough for me. I had to pursue my career further. I chose to go onto the Medical Clinical Assistant (MCA) program. I am proud of myself that I continued on with my education. I was working a full-time job and sometimes double shifts. I was frustrated at times; I had started class, but I also had to continue to work. That was not easy, but determination and willingness to learn got me to where I’m at today.

When it came time to do my externship, I didn’t know where I would be going. I am glad that I was assigned to the Dermatology Centers in Beaver with Dr. Karrs. At first, I didn’t know what to expect because this was a job with so many skin disorders. I asked myself, “Am I sure this is what I would like to get into?” As days went by, I began learning more; I was sure this would be the job for me. Within the third week of my externship, I was offered a wonderful job.

If you are willing to learn, Valley College is where you need to be. The instructors and staff at Valley go beyond their scope of duty to help you learn and take their time to assist you. If you are taking a class and you tell yourself that you would never use what you have learned out in the world, trust me, you will use it. Get the most out of what the instructors are teaching because they are teaching you what you need to know. As long as you are willing to learn, Valley College will help you. No matter what your age or circumstances, if you want a career, then go for it. I am so blessed that I chose Valley College to attend. I have a great education and a career because of what I learned at Valley College. I am going to be graduating again on August 9, 2013. I will have two diplomas and I can say that I am proud of choosing this career path and being a Medical Clinical Assistant.

Sharon R.

Valley College Sharon ReeseMs. Sharon R. graduated from Valley College in 2000 with her Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration; however, she wanted to continue her academic journey. While working full-time, she pursued her Bachelor’s Degree from Mountain State University and graduated in 2006. After much thought and consideration, Sharon decided to pursue her ultimate dream, to become a social worker. In June of 2013, Ms. R. graduated from West Virginia University with her Master’s Degree in Social Work! Sharon has worked with at risk youth, is a family advocate, and has finished two extensive internships at the Veteran’s Administration (VA), specializing in Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Ms. R. is so excited to start the next chapter in her life. Upon graduation, Ms. R. accepted a position as a social worker with a local children and family organization.

Lenny R.

Sharon’s husband, Mr. Lenny R., is a Valley College graduate as well. After graduating with his Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration, he went on to pursue his higher education at Mountain State University. Mr. R. is a veteran of the Armed Forces and works as a VA Center peer support specialist. He also is a local youth counselor and minister at the Eastern Regional Jail. What a powerfully inspirational duo!

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